Mailingda (morinidazole and sodium chloride injection)
morinidazole and sodium chloride injection

English Name: Morpholinazole and Sodium Chloride Injection
Chinese Pinyin: Malinxiaozuo Lühuana Zhusheye
The main component of this product is Morpholinazole.
Chemical Name: 1-[3-(4-morpholinyl)-2-hydroxypropyl]-2-methyl-5-nitro-1H-imidazole.


Common Name: Morpholinazole and Sodium Chloride Injection
Brand Name: Mai Lin Da
English Name: Morpholinazole and Sodium Chloride Injection
Chinese Pinyin: Malinxiaozuo Lühuana Zhusheye


The main component of this product is Morpholinazole.

Chemical Name: 1-[3-(4-morpholinyl)-2-hydroxypropyl]-2-methyl-5-nitro-1H-imidazole.

Molecular Formula: C11H18N4O4
Molecular Weight: 270.29
Excipients: Sodium chloride


This product is a light yellowish green to yellowish green clear liquid.


In order to reduce the generation of drug-resistant bacteria and ensure the effectiveness of Morpholinazole and other antibacterial agents, Morpholinazole should be used only to treat or prevent infections caused by confirmed or suspected susceptible pathogens.

If information about bacterial culture and drug susceptibility testing is available, please refer to it to select or modify an antimicrobial treatment programs. Without this information, experience such as local epidemiology and bacterial sensitivity data may help to select treatment programs.

It should be noted that bacterial culture and drug susceptibility tests should be carried out before administration to ascertain pathogenic bacteria and their sensitivity to Morpholinazole. After collecting the specimen, you can start using Morpholinazole, and make adjustment after getting the drug sensitivity results.
According to the current clinical test data of this product, this product is suitable for the following infections caused by sensitive bacteria in adults (≥18 years old):

1, Gynecological pelvic inflammatory (including endometritis, salpingitis, fallopian tube ovarian abscess, pelvic peritonitis, etc.): caused by including Peptostreptococcus, Bacteroides fragilis, Weirong cocci, Bacteroides distasonis.

2, Combined surgery for suppurative appendicitis, gangrenous appendicitis: including the Bacteroides (Bacteroides fragilis, Bacteroides ovatus / Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, Bacteroides uniformis , Bacteroides vulgatus, Bacteroides), Clostridium (Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium bifermentans, Clostridium butyricum and other Clostridium), Fusobacterium (Fusobacterium nucleatum, Fusobacterium varium), Anaerobic cocci (Peptostreptococcus, Weirong cocci).

Because pelvic inflammatory and appendicitis are mixed infections of anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria, other assistant treatment should be taken according to clinical requirements, such as combining drugs effective for aerobic bacteria

【Strength】 100ml:Morpholinazole 0.5 g; Sodium chloride 0.9 g
【Dosage and Administration】

Dosage and administration method:

1, Gynecological pelvic inflammatory (including endometritis, salpingitis, tubo-ovarian abscess, pelvic peritonitis)

Intravenous infusion, 500 mg each time, the drug should be administrated not less than 45 minutes, twice a day, the dosing interval is 6-8 hours, continuous administration for 14 days.

2, Suppurative appendicitis, gangrenous appendicitis

Intravenous infusion, 500 mg each time, the drug should be not less than 45 minutes, twice a day, the interval between administrations is 6-8 hours, continuous administration for 5-7 days.

Administration is started within 30 minutes before the surgery preparation is completed and ready for laparotomy.


User guidance:

This product is filled in a 100 mL single-dose soda-lime glass infusion bottle, each containing 0.5 g Morpholinazole and 0.9 g sodium chloride.

This product should be stored in a light-resistant, sealed, and a cool place (not more than 20°C).

Please check the packaging carefully before use, it should be intact; the solution inside it should be clear, no visible particles. As long as the solution and container packaging permit, particulate matters and discoloration of drug should be inspected visually before administration.

After removing the outer packaging, visual inspection should be performed for minor leaks. If leakage is found, the sterility of the product has been destroyed and should be prohibited from using.

This product is a ready-to-use isotonic solution and no need for dilution before use.

Preparation before use:

1. Hang the infusion bottle through the hanging hole.

2. Remove protection cap of infusion mouth.

3. Connect with infusion set.

Note when using:

This product can only be administered as a continuous or intermittent infusion through a slow intravenous infusion. Additives should not be added to this product. If the original intravenous infusion system is used, the original solution should be stopped during Morpholinazole infusion

Innovative Drug

2011: National Science and Technology Major Project

2014: Launched in China

2017: Included in NRDL