Hengjie (linezolid glucose injection)
linezolid glucose injection

The active pharmaceutical ingredient is Linezolid.
Colorless to light brown, clear liquid.


Common Name:Linezolid Dextrose Injection


The active pharmaceutical ingredient is Linezolid

【Description】 Colorless to light brown, clear liquid. 

This product is used to treat the following infections caused by the specific microbial susceptible strains: Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium infections, Nosocomial pneumonia, Complicated skin and skin soft tissue infections, Uncomplicated skin and skin soft tissue infections , Community-acquired pneumonia and concomitant bacteremia.

【Strength】 100ml:0.2 g linezolid, 4.6 g anhydrous dextrose
【Dosage and Administration】

The recommended dosage administration of this product for treatment of infections is described in the instructions.

2015: First-to-market generic drug in China

Included in NRDL since its launch