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Career Development

Hansoh Pharma has been developing innovative and international talents in all manners. Company has gradually established a global high-quality talent team, which is a solid foundation for bringing Chinese pharmaceutical innovations to the world.

Talent Strategy
Talent Outlook
Our company helps to explore, inspire, and innovate the talents’ potentials. We are committed to creating a positive, diverse and inclusive working environment.
Career Development Track
At Hansoh Pharma,we design and implement a talent development system with interconnected “technical” and “managerial” career tracks and effective, fair and equitable recruitment, building organizational capabilities and helping employees achieve their career goals.
Talent Training
With a hierarchical and targeted talent development model,we are positioned to help people reach their full potential and foster a culture of sustainable learning across our organization.
An inspiring incentive system
To attract, retain talents and maximize the potential of the team, company has created our diversified welfare system and professionalism-based salary system.

Excellent Employee Award

Excellent Leadership Award

Excellent Team Award

Excellent Service Award

Star of the Quarter

Sales Improvement Award

Top Sales Award

Our Culture
Our Values
Our Workplace
We are committed to provide a safe and comfortable working environment. So that everyone is working enthusiastically and effectively.