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R&D Platforms
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Cutting-edge Technology Platforms
Our company persistently adheres to innovative R&D and constantly improves the innovative R&D mechanism. Through years of unswerving efforts, Our company has formed innovative R&D platforms featuring "highly-focused R&D fields, high-intensity R&D investment, high-quality R&D team, and highly-fruitful R&D output", and has stood out among top pharmaceutical companies in terms of frontier development layout and progress.
PROTAC Platform
PROTAC (proteolysis-targeting chimera) is a new protein degradation technology developed based on the utilization of ubiquitin-protease system. Hansoh Pharma has built a unique PROTAC platform for the development of highly selective and orally active efficacious targeted protein degradation drugs for oncology and autoimmune diseases.
siRNA Platform
siRNA generally refers to short interfering RNA or silencing RNA, which is a double-stranded RNA of 20 to 25 nucleotides in length and has many different uses in biology. At present, our Company has gradually developed few key technologies of siRNA chemical synthesis at highly advanced level, including RNA monomer synthesis technology, common and modified siRNA oligo synthesis technology.
Fusion Protein Platform
Fusion Protein R&D Platform is a recombinant protein drug produced by expression of two different proteins or polypeptides linked by a linker gene at the gene level through DNA recombination technology. At present, Hansoh Pharma has gradually built a technology platform for the research and development of fusion protein drugs. 
ADC Technology Platform
Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are formed by conjugating monoclonal antibodies targeting specific antigens and small molecule chemicals with high cytotoxicity. Currently, Hansoh Pharma has established a leading conjugation technology platform to develop, screen and industrialize a new generation of ADCs using international cutting-edge technology concepts.
BsAb Development Platform
BsAb Development Platform Bispecific antibody (BsAb) is an artificial antibody prepared by cell fusion or recombinant DNA technology, which can specifically bind two antigens or two different epitopes of an antigen at the same time. BsAb has two main mechanisms of action: bridging two cell types (in-trans binding) and binding two molecules of one cell (in-cis binding). Currently, Hansoh Pharma has gradually built a self-developed BsAb technology platform. 
mAb Development Platform
Monoclonal antibody (mAb) is a highly homogeneous antibody produced by a single B lymphocyte clone, which only targets a specific epitope. Currently, Hansoh Pharma already has a leading technology platform for the research and development of mAb in China, and offers a production capacity for industrialization.
Nanoformulation Platform
Nanoformulations refer to new type of drug formulations developed by applying nanotechnology, in which nanocarriers are used to bind with drugs or wrap drugs inside. At present, Hansoh Pharma has mastered the nanoformulation technology, which can meet the development needs of ongoing projects in terms of improving oral absorption of insoluble drugs, targeted release and macromolecular drug carriers.
PEGylation Long-acting Drug Platform
PEGylation is a mainstream long-acting modification technology for macromolecular drugs, which can effectively prolong the half-life of peptide and protein drugs in vivo, reduce immunogenicity, and improve efficacy and patient compliance. Hansoh Pharma has established a national-local joint engineering research center for the development of long-acting polypeptide biologics approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, which is a domestically leading and internationally advanced project.