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Hansoh Pharma Wishes You a Happy New Year!
Release Date:2020/01/01
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2020 New Year Message

Over the past two decades, the pharmaceutical industry in China has grown in tandem with the Chinese economy and its market size is now ranked second in the world.

China's economy is in transition, the new medical reform is underway, and the industry is in a tremendous state of flux, with change becoming the main theme.

What remains unchanged is our original intention to serve the society and improve health.

What we stick to is our innovation, dedication, professionalism and commitment.

What we pursue is our dream, the dream of Hansoh, the dream of health.

In the past 25 years, with wisdom, hard work and youth, we have made the dream a reality.

When the first ray of sunshine in 2020 shines on us, we are warm and full of hope.

In the future, we will continue to work hard, hoping to bring patients with winter sunshine like warmth.

Stay healthy with Hansoh Pharma!