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Unite to Fight COVID-19 - Hansoh Pharma is in Action
Release Date:2020/01/30
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The novel coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan has touched the hearts of people across the country. The epidemic requires rapid response. As a key enterprise in China's pharmaceutical industry, Hansoh Pharma took immediate action to dispatch urgently needed drugs and donate cash and drugs worth more than RMB 2 million to support Wuhan's fight against the epidemic. On January 29, Hansoh Pharma's production base resumed work ahead of schedule, and all staff members joined the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

Wang Huiming, deputy director of Lianyungang Municipal Market Supervision Administration, visited Hansoh Pharma to guide the resumption of work and production


January 29 (5th day of the first lunar month)

While other enterprises extended their holidays and postponed their resumption of work, Hansoh Pharma resumed work ahead of schedule and concentrated on the production of Hengjie (Linezolid Glucose Injection) and Weikelai (Ambroxol Hydrochloride and Sodium Chloride Injection) that were urgently needed in epidemic areas to ensure the supply of such drugs in such areas. In the morning, Wang Huiming, deputy director of Lianyungang Municipal Market Supervision Administration, visited Hansoh Pharma's Workshop 201 and Warehousing Center to inspect and guide production scheduling, quality assurance and safety precautions, and to provide detailed arrangements for material supply and production safety.


January 22 (28th day of the twelfth lunar month)

The Company's logistics, warehousing, quality, and finance personnel gave up their vacation time and organized the supply of Hengjie linezolid and Zetan tigecycline to Wuhan overnight.


January 24 (Eve of Chinese New Year)

With the support of the SF Express Medical Transportation Team, 120,000 bottles of drugs arrived safely in Wuhan and were put into clinical treatment.


January 26 (2nd day of the first lunar month)

Hansoh Pharma donated more than RMB 1 million worth of drugs (Hengjie Linezolid Glucose Injection) and RMB 1 million in cash to the China Population Welfare Foundation to support the first-line treatment of COVID-19.


January 27 (3rd day of the first lunar month)

The Company urgently started the preparation for work resumption such as raw material dispatching, equipment commissioning, safety protection, etc.


January 29 (5th day of the first lunar month)

Thanks to the joint efforts of China Post EMS and Sinopharm Logistics, Hengjie (Linezolid Glucose Injection) donated by Hansoh Pharma successfully arrived at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and was immediately put into clinical use.


This epidemic brought by the novel coronavirus is a common test for us all, and no one can stay out of it. With a high sense of social responsibility and mission, Hansoh Pharma has fulfilled its duties and responsibilities as a Chinese enterprise by actively making donations and urgently resuming work to ensure the supply of drugs in epidemic areas.


In the same boat, we will sail together and ride the wind and waves all the way! Adhering to the corporate mission to“create excellence in pharmaceuticals, enhance innovation in China", Hansoh Pharma will keep close track of the epidemic and work with the general public and medical staff, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, to tide over the difficulties together!

Go, Wuhan, Go!