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Hansoh Pharma Launches Building Project for Global R&D HQ in Shanghai
Release Date:2024/04/05
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On March 29, 2024, the ceremony for the launch of Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group's construction project for its global R&D headquarters was held in Pudong New Area of Shanghai, as part of a series of events representing the Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference 2024, in conjunction with a session from the Pudong Industrial Ecological Scenario Cooperation Development Conference. The event was attended by the Vice Chairperson of the Standing Committee of Pudong New Area People's Congress—Ma Jianan, and leaders from the committees, offices, and bureaus of Pudong New Area. The Executive Director of the group, Lyu Aifeng, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the group and invited all relevant leaders and group executives in attendance to lay down the foundation for the commencement of the work ahead.


Hansoh Pharma's global R&D headquarters will be situated in Huandong Community, Zhangjiang, Pudong New Area in Shanghai, and the construction site will cover a total area of approximately 90,000 square meters, including supporting facilities such as biological laboratories and pilot plants, chemical R&D laboratories, R&D offices, and comprehensive service buildings. The project aims to establish a world-leading platform for innovative drug R&D for antibody conjugation technology, artificial intelligence technology, proteolysis-targeting chimera (PROTAC) technology for targeted protein degradation, polypeptide drug technology, and other types of technology. The project also undertakes global R&D management functions, making it the origin and the melting pot for Hansoh Pharma's cutting-edge scientific innovations.

The establishment of its global R&D headquarters in Pudong is an essential step in the company's efforts to integrate global innovation resources and strongly promote its innovative development strategy. It also embodies the cultivation of new productivity, and the empowerment of high-quality development, and marks a substantial step in Hansoh Pharma's efforts towards becoming a global leader among pharmaceutical companies driving innovation.


The Executive Director of the group, Lyu Aifeng, commented: "Thanks to the support of Pudong's biopharma innovative ecology and innovative talents from around the globe, our R&D Headquarters will become a world-leading biopharma center to accelerate the development of the Chinese biopharma industry."

Hansoh Pharma has always strived to be a leader in scientific innovation, actively pursuing leading-edge technology in the biological industry, and hastening the research and implementation of innovative technology and products. The company has established R&D centers in Maryland in the United States as well as those in Shanghai, Changzhou, and Lianyungang in China, which altogether are supported by 1,671 professional research staff. The company continues to bolster its investment and in 2023 committed approximately 20.8% of its revenue towards research and development. Over 50 clinical studies on more than 30 innovative drugs in different stages of clinical development are currently being carried out by the company, forming a rich and competitive R&D pipeline.